April 17, 2011

Happy Easter X2

I am not one to purchase seasonal stamps. So when it came time to make my Easter cards I was having a really hard time. After going through everything I have...several times...I decided to go with my Lily Of The Valley set. I had my list of family and friends I wanted to send them to and I went to work on my 12 cards. This was not an easy task because each of those flowers is handcut. I know crazy, but they looked so good.
I had just finished them when my daughter let me know that her boyfriend's mom wanted 5 Easter cards. So she took a picture of what I had been working on to see if this was what she wanted. The answer was yes and she now wanted 6. This is great...I love selling my cards, more PTI money. The problem was one of these was for her and one was for her mom and I am now 6 cards short.
So back to the drawing board I went. I remembered seeing an egg shape in one of my Cricut cartridges. Here is what I came up with. You know, I kinda like them better then the first card I designed. The first one I made I did white on white. My family told me I needed to add some color so I did. Now I have to decided what cards to send to who.


Thanks for stopping by and Happy Kreations!


1 comment:

  1. I just found your blog and am enjoying going back to previous posts- this card set is awesome! Love the crispness of it!



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