May 26, 2011

Up Up & Away

The other day I made a card with a topiary on it. I had so much fun making it I thought I would try the same techneque with the hot air balloons. I just love this...I always have the button I need. No more digging for that small button just to find out I don't have anymore..thinking to myself, I must have liked that color..haha.

I really like these colors together.
Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Those colors are great... as is the whole card. The diamonds at the bottom under the scored line is a perfect way to add more interest... same with the two colors behind the balloon panel. Super card!

  2. This is so pretty! Love your color combination and the 2 different panels behind your focal image! They really pull everything together.

  3. Oh, what a wonderful card! I love the topiary one, too!



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