September 18, 2011

Make It Monday #32

Each Monday I sit and watch the Make It Monday video over at PTI. I tell myself I'm going to create a card...and then before I know it, it's Monday again. Do you ever feel like you life is just wizzing by? I'm mean come's almost October already. Where did the year go? Well I was determined to get a card done for this week. I was up way too late working on it, but I did it..haha.

Here is my card. Well actually this is the 3rd flower I did. I don't know if my paint was old or what, but I had a really hard time. Everytime I stamped the flower half of the paint would stay behind on the stamp. After the 3rd try... I decided I actually liked the look I was getting. 

 Thanks for taking the time to stop by and take a look. I hope you have a great day.



  1. Nice card. i agree. I like how the flower turned out too. Like how you edged the left side of the card.

  2. This looks great, Deanna! Great set to choose for this technique!

  3. I love the rustic look of the flower and leaves. It really works well. I know what you mean about Monday's. I still haven't watched this week's, and there will be a new one in the morning....

  4. The flower looks great! Really pretty!

  5. Love the effect and great choice of stamp for this technique.

  6. Glorious! Such a magnificent job on the wildflower. It looks wonderful. It could translate into textile print too quite easily. Wonderful card composition too, I must say. Lovely job!



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