April 7, 2012

A Special Order

I hope all of you are having a nice Easter weekend. Tomorrow after church we are going to my parents house for dinner. My  mom told my daughter she is having a special easter egg hunt for us. We're all thinking plastic eggs with some cash in them:)

A few days ago I posted a card that my sister-in-law ordered for her daugher-in-law's birthday. She also ordered a couple of cards for two of her granddaughters. She has one turning 18 and one turning 5. Here are the cards I did for her.

I actually used my Cricut..haha. My husband is always telling me I never use it. This first one is for Gwynnie. I was told she loves purple and Minnie Mouse.

This one is for India. She love all things oriental. The font is Japanese and it says Happy Birthday India Rain.
See you soon,

Deanna Jean

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