April 21, 2013

Come Follow Me

Hello all my blog friends. I just wanted to let you know that I have made the switch to Bloglovin. You can click on the link below to follow me.

Follow on Bloglovin
Deanna Jean


  1. I feel like I'm running around being the voice of negative - but I just want all of you to be sure that you checked that all of your faves came into bloglovin'. I had some people ask for help so I brought my stuff over to bloglovin' just to test. I had 8 of my fave blogs not show up. Six of them let me then add them manually. But two are simply not found by bloglovin' - and they are popular bloggers that show up in feedly and Google Reader. Just sayin' - double-check!!

  2. I have been using bloglovin' for over a year, so glad you came on over!



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