April 22, 2013

For Baby

My cousin and his wife had there first baby a couple of months ago. They had a sweet baby girl named Gwendolyn Collette. I've had the gift and card done for awhile, but I couldn't do a post because they hadn't had the baby shower yet. It was this weekend so I can now show all of you what I made.

They didn't find out what they were having before the baby was born, which I love. So as soon as she was born I got to work on crocheting the blanket you see under the card. Sorry I didn't take a picture  of just the blanket. You'll have to take my word for it that it turned out cute at can be. And of course I had to make the card match :)

Here is the card on the outside of the bag. I used my wonderful die from Laurie. She has them for sell on the right side of her blog. Is this brilliant or what!

Deanna Jean


  1. Gorgeous! I love that you made your card to match the gorgeous blanket! I bet your cousins loved them!

  2. Very cute card and beautiful blanket!
    I love Laurie's dies, thanks for showing how you used it here. :)

  3. so sweet!! looks like that blanket came out great! i still have mine that my grandma made for me when i was born!

  4. Such a cute card...love those colors you used! and I love that little elephant!

  5. How sweet is this card and matching afghan ~ such a special gift!



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